Winter Semester 2021

Foundations of Deep Learning

Course type: Lecture + Exercise
Time: Wednesday, 12:15 - 13:45, first meeting: Oct. 20
Location: The course will be fully virtual/online.
Weekly flipped classroom sessions will be held on Zoom.

See ILIAS for Zoom link.

Organizers: Frank Hutter , Abhinav Valada , Steven Adriaensen , Samuel Müller , Yash Mehta , Niclas Vödisch
Web page: ILIAS (please also register for all elements of this course module in HISinOne )


Course type: B.Sc./M.Sc. projects
Kickoff meeting: TBA
Location: online only
Web page: Open Projects

Reading Group Automated Machine Learning

Course type Oberseminar: Reading Group (no ECTS) -- Automated Machine Learning
Time: Wednesdays, 13:00
Web page: Reading Group

Reading Group DLHO

Course type: Oberseminar: Reading Group (no ECTS) -- Deep Learning and Hyperparameter Optimization
Time: Wednesdays, 16:00
Location: online
Contact: Samuel Müller ,

Self-Supervised Learning

Update Oct. 14: We added details about the seminar mode.
Update Oct. 8: Title and time of the seminar changed & added the link to HISinOne.

Course type: Seminar
Time: Tuesday, 10:00 - 11:30 am, first meeting: Oct. 19
Location: The course will be fully virtual/online. See ILIAS for Zoom link.
Topic & Mode: In this year's seminar, we will discuss papers about Self-Supervised Learning with strong focus on computer vision. The details about the seminar mode will be discussed in the kick-off meeting on Oct 19th. We will begin our seminar with a background video that we discuss together on Oct 2nd. For the following sessions students are asked to: 1) present a paper, 2) lead the moderation on the paper, 3) actively participate in the discussion of other paper presentations. We will try to assign the papers based on your preference but there's no guarantee you will receive the paper you requested.
Organizer: Frank Hutter , Fabio Ferreira , Samuel Müller , Robin Schirrmeister
Web page: ILIAS , HISInOne