Working with us

Please note: We only offer internships through the DAAD scholarship program. See here.

We have several well funded positions open for outstanding postdocs and research engineers. We are setting up an organized recruiting process for new postdocs and PhD students. Until that is set up, please email, and we will contact you when we’re starting the recruiting process. Please note that our group is flooded with applications and we have an extremely high bar for hiring. Please see for details and to apply. Please note that we are able to screen all requests and applications only one time per month.

Prospective PhD students: Please apply through the central European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) portal. Deadline is usually mid-November.

Exchange PhD/postdoc visits: If you are a highly motivated PhD student or postdoc, excited by AutoML and would like to visit our group, please email Similarly strict selection criteria apply as for postdocs and PhD students we hire, we only accept outstanding candidates.

For students in Freiburg

HiWi Jobs

Please note: The HiWi jobs listed here are only available to students enrolled at the University of Freiburg.

To apply for HiWi jobs, please apply using the same process as outlined for projects on our projects page.

Teaching Assistant for “Foundations of Deep Learning” (HiWi)

We are actively looking for good students that have taken and successfully completed the Foundations of Deep Learning lecture, and that would you like to assist us in organising it in the future. More information can be found here.

Deep Learning Engineer (HiWi)

If you can quickly code algorithms from deep learning papers and repeat their experiments, we want you!

Projects and Theses

  • Requests to do a project or thesis with us: Please see the website
  • Requests for us to be the examiner of a MSc thesis you do in a company: We only accept MSc theses in industry in highly exceptional circumstances. These conditions include:
    • 1. a research topic directly related to AutoML
    • 2. a commitment by the industry partner that all code (including scripts to run experiments, baselines, etc) you develop will be open source and freely available to the academic community
    • 3. a commitment by the industry partner that at least part of the evaluation is on publicly available data and therefore directly reproducible by the academic community
    • 4. a commitment by the industry partner that the results are freely publishable and that there is no NDA
    • 5. deliverables include the open-source code (2.) and a Docker or Singularity container that reproduces the results of the thesis on freely available data (3).If you believe you satisfy these conditions, please send an email to explaining the project.
  • Requests to be the second examiner of your BSc/MSc thesis: Please discuss with your first examiner first and have them contact Prof. Hutter. To streamline finding a date & time: He like to schedule final presentations Thursdays at 14:15 in weeks that don’t have a CS professors’ meeting (“Professorenrunde”) or Thursdays 4pm in weeks that don’t have a faculty meeting (“Fakultätsrat”).

Requests to do a MSc in Freiburg:

The process for becoming a MSc student at the University of Freiburg is to apply to the central MSc programme. Information on this programme and how to apply can be found here: Note that in the AI masters program you can basically fill your entire curriculum with AI courses.