Research engineer

Edward Bergman

Postal address
Institut für Informatik
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Sekretariat Hutter/Maschinelles Lernen
Georges-Köhler-Allee 074
79110 Freiburg, Germany
+49 761 203-74217
Building 74, Room 00-012



Sass, René; Bergman, Eddie; Biedenkapp, André; Hutter, Frank; Lindauer, Marius

DeepCAVE: An Interactive Analysis Tool for Automated Machine Learning Inproceedings

In: Workshop on Adaptive Experimental Design and Active Learning in the Real World (ReALML@ICML'22), 2022.

Mallik, Neeratyoy; Hvarfner, Carl; Stoll, Danny; Janowski, Maciej; Bergman, Eddie; Lindauer, Marius; Nardi, Luigi; Hutter, Frank

PriorBand: HyperBand + Human Expert Knowledge Inproceedings

In: Sixth Workshop on Meta-Learning at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, 2022.