Mermaid demo

%% Graph and nodes definition flowchart LR subgraph S1[Winter Semester 1] dl[Foundations of Deep Learning] ml[Machine Learning] rl[Reinforcement Learning] end subgraph S2[Summer Semester 1] automl[Automated Machine Learning] dllab[Lab Course Deep Learning] ai[Foundations of Artificial Intelligence] end subgraph S3[Winter Semester 2] project[MSc. Project] automlseminar[AutoML Seminar] automllab[AutoML Lab Course] end subgraph S4[Summer Semester 2] thesis[MSc. Thesis] end %% Invisible edges between Semester subgraphs just there, so they display in the correct order S1 === S2 === S3 === S4 linkStyle 0 stroke-width:0px; linkStyle 1 stroke-width:0px; linkStyle 2 stroke-width:0px; %% Edgesbetween the nodes ml ==> automl dl ==> automl dl ==> dllab automl -.-> automlseminar automl -.-> project automl ==> automllab dl -.-> project project -.-> thesis %% Some styling definitions better do not alter these classDef courseClass fill:#004A99,color:#fff,stroke:#555; classDef semesterClass fill:#FFF,stroke:#555; %% Add here all courses nodes to style them properly class automl,dl,dllab,project,thesis,automlseminar,automllab courseClass %% Add here all Semester Subgraph nodes to style them propely class S1,S2,S3,S4 semesterClass %% This makes the nodes clickable and link to the course page click dl "/teaching/winter-semester-2022/foundations-of-deep-learning/" "Foundations of Deep Learning" click automl "/teaching/summer-semester-2022/automated-machine-learning/" "AutoML" click project "/teaching/every-semester/projects/" "MSc. Project" click thesis "/teaching/every-semester/projects/" "MSc. Thesis" click automllab "/teaching/winter-semester-2022/lab-course-automated-machine-learning/" "AutoML Lab" click automlseminar "/teaching/winter-semester-2022/dynamic-algorithm-configuration-and-optimization/" "AutoML Seminar" click dllab "/teaching/ss2021/lab-course-deep-learning/" "DL Lab" click ml "" "Machine Learning (external)" click rl "" "Reinforcement Learning (external)" click ai "" "Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (external)"