Machine Learning for Automated Algorithm Design (Lab Course)

Topic this term

Algorithm Configuration

Recommended Background Knowledge

  • Lecture on Machine Learning for Automated Algorithm Design
  • Machine learning or statistical pattern recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence


We will meet accordingly to the schedule below (Monday 10-00-12:00, SR-00-019, Building 74). The lab course will consist of 3 three parts which will focus on the application of algorithm configuration, implementation of an own algorithm configurator, and parallelization of algorithm configuration. In each part, you have to (i) implement something, (ii) evaluate your approach and (iii) present your idea and results in the course. Depending on the number of participants, you have to form groups of 3 students.

All three parts will be graded and the final grade is the average of each sub-grade.

Schedule (Under construction)

  • April 16 Introduction
  • For further details please check the ILIAS course

For questions, please email us: lindauer@cs.uni-freiburg.de