With machine learning being one of the hottest topics around, I am receiving far more requests than I can handle and over 100 emails per day. We have therefore set up the following categories, which help my team and me to treat your requests efficiently and as fast as possible.

Working with us

Please do not contact me directly if you are interested in working or doing a project or thesis with us. Instead, for any information or questions on PhD/postdoc/research engineer position or Hiwi/internship/Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis/projects, please click on the „Apply now“-button and follow the instructions.

Lectures / Teaching

  • Questions about exams: please ask the examination office. In the very rare case where they do not know the answer and I do, they will contact me.
  • Questions about HisInOne: HisInOne is a black box for professors, too; please contact the HisInOne team for any questions.
  • Questions about being allowed to participate in a course: in general, please feel free to show up. I can’t guarantee that you can get credits for the course, but I don’t mind anyone sitting in my classes. For deep learning, please make sure you know linear algebra and have taken a course in machine learning before or are taking it in parallel. For AutoML, please make sure you’ve taken the machine learning and deep learning courses before. Reinforcement learning is also helpful, and we encourage taking the deep learning lab course at the same time.
  • Questions about a course I’m currently teaching: please post them to ILIAS.

Grant proposals

  • Requests to review grant proposals for the ERC or DFG: please email grant-review-erc-dfg-ml@cs.uni-freiburg.de; I'll assess whether I am a good fit and can do it.
  • Requests to review any other grant proposals: please save yourself the time and energy of emailing me; I am swamped and have to decline.
  • Requests for me to join a grant proposal: even though there are many interesting projects, I have to say no to almost all of them. If you're at the University of Freiburg and you're unhappy about this, please join our efforts to set up a "machine learning service center" that can fulfill such requests.

Requests for a reference letter

  • I only write reference letters for previous employees.
  • I do not provide reference letters for US immigration; I receive far too many requests of this type and cannot fulfill them.

All other requests