How to reach me:

With machine learning being one of the hottest topics around, I am receiving far more requests than I can handle and over 100 emails per day. In an effort to claim back my time to actually do research, I am therefore changing my approach to email.

I will consider all emails to my account that fall into one of the following categories as spam and will not feel bad about deleting them immediately. (Rather, I will feel bad if I waste my time replying to unsolicited emails and can’t meet my PhD students. There are only 24h in a day...)

PhD positions

Requests to do a PhD with me:
We have an organized recruiting process for new PhD students. Please see this website and do not email me.


Requests to do an internship in my group: Please see this website and do not email me.


Questions about a course I'm teaching: Please post these questions to ILIAS. Only if you have a private question that you do not feel comfortable sharing on ILIAS, please send it to lecture-inquiry-ml-chair@cs.uni-freiburg.de.

Projects and theses

Requests to do a project or thesis with me, or work as a Hiwi in my group: Please see this website and don't email me directly.

Requests to be the examiner of a MSc thesis you do in a company:

I only do this in highly exceptional circumstances. Conditions include a research topic directly related to AutoML, a clear research goal (rather than just implementation work), and a commitment that all code and data (including scripts to run experiments, baselines, etc) are being developed as open source and freely available to the public. If you believe you satisfy these circumstances, please send an email to external-thesis-automl-ml-chair@cs.uni-freiburg.de explaining the project.

Requests to be the second examiner of your BSc/MSc thesis:

Please discuss with your first examiner first and have them contact me. I like to schedule final presentations Thursdays at 14:15 in weeks that don't have a CS professors' meeting ("Professorenrunde") or Thursdays 4pm in weeks that don't have a faculty meeting.

Requests to do a MSc in Freiburg:

The process for becoming a MSc student at the University of Freiburg is to apply to the central MSc programme. Information on this programme and how to apply can be found here

Grant proposals

Requests to review grant proposals for the ERC or DFG: please email grant-proposal-review-erc-dfg-ml@cs.uni-freiburg.de; I'll assess whether I am a good fit. Requests to review any other grant proposals: please safe yourself the time and energy of emailing me; I am swamped and have to decline. Requests for me to join a grant proposal: even though there are many interesting projects, I have to say most to almost all of them. If you're at the University of Freiburg and you're unhappy about this, please join our efforts to set up a "machine learning service center" that can fulfill such requests.