Please note: We do not offer any summer internships. The theses and projects listed here are only available to students enrolled at the University of Freiburg. If you are not enrolled and are interested in working with our group, we encourage you to apply to our MSc programme. Information on this programme and how to apply can be found here: http://www.tf.uni-freiburg.de/studies/degree_programmes/master/msc_informatik.html

Getting in Touch about Projects, Theses and Hiwi-Jobs

Since machine learning is currently one of the hottest topics around, our small group is flooded with requests, and we may not be able to offer projects to every interested student. Generally, it helps for finding a matching project if you have taken and excelled at our courses. All projects in our research group should be carried out in teams of at least 2 students (max. 4). Theses can also be done in synergy with theses/projects by others, but each student has to write their thesis by themselves, appropriately acknowledging work done by others. We strongly recommend doing a MSc project with our group before inquiring about a MSc thesis.

In order to make the selection process of students and topics as effective as possible, we ask potential candidates for projects/theses to send us an email (optimally, already as a team) to ml-student-inquiry@cs.uni-freiburg.de (or only to the person(s) in charge of a specific project you're interested in) with the following information (per team member):

1) Are you a BSc or MSc student? Which term? If BSc, are you planning on staying in Freiburg for a MSc?
2) Which ML-related courses have you taken?
3) Can you please attach your transcript of records?
4) Which projects have you done so far (in Freiburg and elsewhere)?
5) Which topics interest you most?

Since different projects require different skill sets, please also rate your skills in the following categories on a scale from ++ (very good) to -- (no knowledge/skill):
6. Creativity / ideas for developing new algorithms
7. Getting someone else's large code base to run
8. Running comprehensive experimental studies / keeping track of results
9. Self-motivation to push through even if things don't work for a while
10. Coding skills
         a. Python
         b. TensorFlow
         c. Keras
         d. PyTorch
         e. C/C++
11. Ability to read a RL paper, implement it and get it to work
12. Ability to read a DL paper, implement it and get it to work
13. Formal background, linear algebra
14. Formal background, proofs

Possible Topics

Here, we collect possible topics for BSc/MSc projects or theses. Please note that the list of projects below is typically incomplete, since we always have new ideas as time goes by and we do not always update the list right away.