Open Positions

Please note: We do not offer any summer internships. We currently do no have any PhD positions available. The HiWi jobs, projects and theses listed here are only available to students enrolled at the University of Freiburg. If you are not enrolled and are interested in working with our group, we encourage you to apply to our MSc programme. Information on this programme and how to apply can be found here: http://www.tf.uni-freiburg.de/studies/degree_programmes/master/msc_informatik.html

HiWi Jobs and Projects/Theses

Machine learning is a very hot topic, and thus we are being flooded by requests for Hiwi positions and BSc/MSc projects/theses. Since we are only a medium-size group, there is a natural limit on the number and range of topics of projects/theses we can supervise, and on the number of Hiwis we can hire. This is also in the best interest of our students since we need to make sure that we can provide effective supervision to the students we accept.

A general heuristic is that the more machine learning background you have (normalizing for the stage of your career) and the better your grades, the higher the probability that we'll find a matching project for you. We're looking for students with:

  • Strong background in machine learning; courses in Freiburg that help are:
    • Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning for Automated Algorithm Design
    • Statistical pattern recognition
    • Deep Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • Strong programming skills, in particular in Python and/or C/C++
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong background in math

Please note that the list of projects on the website is typically a bit incomplete, since we always have more great ideas in our head than we can fully flesh out for the website. In order to make the selection process of students and topics as effective as possible, we ask potential candidates for projects/theses/Hiwi positions to send an email to aad-staff@cs.uni-freiburg.de with the following information:

1) Are you a BSc or MSc student? Which term?
2) Which ML-related courses did you take?
3) Which topic was most interesting to you?
4) Can you please attach your transcript of records?
5) Which programming languages are you proficient in?
6) Do you like theory? Or rather solving a concrete problem? Or in between?
7) Which projects have you done so far (in Freiburg and elsewhere)?
8) Have you been a Hiwi in Freiburg before? If so, which group and with whom did you work there?
9) For potential Hiwis: how many hours a week would you like to work?

Building a solid algorithm configuration library

  • Start from our current algorithm configuration library
  • Condense & make robust
  • Make easy to use
  • Cluster support
  • Requirements: Python, interest in software engineering